Festival della Pizza al Piatto 2014

24 July 2014 | 02 August 2014

The Centre for Social Goat, is a voluntary non-profit that aim to make social utility, safeguard the environment and traditions tied to the land; conducts its business primarily in the town of Bevagna and in particular in the area of ​​the Goat.
Founded in 1976 in the Goat of Bevagna with the purpose of supporting the educational activities of students in the area of the Goat, over the years it has become a gathering place throughout the territory of Bevagna and has devoted its efforts primarily in organizing initiatives significant social value in favor of disadvantaged people.
Among the initiatives of solidarity carried out in recent years is particularly significant event "Evenings Festival in aid of Umbra for the Fight Against Cancer" which takes place every year in summer and came to the 30th edition.
In all these years, the Centre for Social Goat donated Umbra Association for the Fight Against Cancer more than 135,000 Euros intended precisely to cancer research.
This initiative is made ​​possible thanks to the help of about 100 volunteers who carry out their work in favor of this event.
In the knowledge that the event "Evenings Festival in aid of Umbra for the Fight Against Cancer" as well as being the main initiative undertaken by Centre for Social Goat is also the one that allows the association to pursue in tranquility and autonomy purposes social, over the years, thanks to a management extremely balanced and always maintaining consistent donations to cancer Research, a part of the profits have been allocated to those investments necessary to make more efficient the machine operational and organizational structure of the main event .
The event, very environmentally conscious, organized the collection of waste and participates in the tender ecofeste of the Umbria region.
The Centre for Social Goat years has proven to be a reliable and consistent support for cancer research in Umbria and this investment is aimed indirectly to the growth part of the profits allocated annually to goals of social.

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